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Welkin provides Cost Reduction Solutions, which can handle the problems of components with large quantities and high prices.
With a global sourcing network of over 5000 suppliers and a great capacity to master major electronic components, helping our clients with rapid and efficient access to potential resources, and thus reduce procurement costs.

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Welkin was established in 2010 and is among the fastest-growing distributor of electronic components in China.

Welkin Specializes in providing different solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Brand Manufacturers(OBM), Independent Design Houses (IDH), Electronic Manufacturers Service(EMS), and Contract Manufactures both in China and oversea.

Meanwhile, Welkin's broad Services and Products involve various fields of the electronics industry, including Automotive, Industrial Control, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G & Cloud Power, Medical, Electric Power, Communication Equipment, Personal Electronics, Enterprise Systems, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Touch and Gesture, Security Products, Smart Energy/Metering, etc.

Welkin's objective is to provide high-quality and up-to-the-minute specialized service that satisfies every customer's requirements.

Join Welkin

Welkin respect and cherish each choice of our staffs. As a service provider in the electronics industry, the core competitive edge of Welkin comes from the professional service spirits of our intelligent and diligent staffs, which is our most valuable treasure.

Business ethics is a core value of Welkin and we treat customers and staffs with the same business ethical standards. We warmly welcome employees of high morals and qualities to join us, for we recognized that only staffs of this kind can provide customers with the most professional business service and bring a everlasting maximum value contribution to the company.

Outstanding employees have the opportunity to become a partner of Welkin, share the company's overall earnings and actively participate in developing new businesses for the company, therefore becoming the discoverer and leader of new business opportunities in the industry. Welkin provides a certain development space for staffs with innovation and execution forces and effective forces of leadership.

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Welkin quotes for more than 1000 customers every day. Welkin serves customers in 50+ countries worldwide. Welkin has shipped 100 million parts in the past decade. Welkin's inventory source consists of over 600 manufacturers.

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